Travel to Al Aqsa and discover quranic history

Join All4Aqsa on a tour to Al Aqsa Jerusalem. We offer an unforgettable experience of a life time for 100 people to join us on a tour to Masjid Al Aqsa.  You have the option of fundraising towards our chosen charity and if targets are met you will pay less to go on the trip.

All 4 Aqsa is a not for profit organisation providing tours to the third most holiest site in Islam. All of our profits are donated to a chosen charity every year.

All 4 Aqsa are dedicated to providing the best packages to Masjid Al Aqsa 2016. We aim to take care of all the requirements to make the tours as memorable as possible.

Director of All 4 Aqsa has been going to Jerusalem since 2012 where he has experienced Jerusalem and the West Bank as a tourist, a pilgrim doing I’tikhaf in Al Aqsa and as a Team Leader in previous Ramadan periods. He has built up an extensive network that will help All 4 Aqsa and our chosen charity MRDF with the proposed project.